Throughout the last two decades, Xpress24 Ltd. has grown into a truly special and unique company that has maintained a valued reputation second to none! We provide individual transport solutions, ensuring that your shipments arrive on time, every time. Perhaps one of our greatest strengths as a company is the dedicated team of staff coupled with a lean infrastructure that enables us to personally tailor each and every detail of delivery to meet your transport needs. We will be proactive in keeping you updated throughout the transport process. We will also be happy to accommodate the use of your own freight documentation, as well as providing our drivers with a neutral appearance upon request. Upon completion of delivery, we provide photos of the delivery notes. All of these are well known standards at Xpress 24 Ltd. ith over 20 years experience, Xpress24 Ltd. have developed into one of the UKs specialist courier transportation companies.

We offer a range of logistical services to ensure that your items are delivered on time and safely to their intended destination.

We cover the UK, Germany and other European destinations.

If your shipment is not time sensitive, this is not an issue. Upon request we can accommodate and arrange for any kind of loadings, including favourable transport and cooperation with partners such as TNT, Fedex, UPS, DHL, GO and more.

In these circumstances, the information flow will be different when compared to our normal transport service.

Placing an order

What we need to know: For us to properly accommodate your transport needs we need to know what is being transported, when it needs to be delivered, where it needs to be picked up from and delivered to and the dimensions, including size and weight. Furthermore, ensure to let us know of any other requirements such as periodical updates, tracking, etc..

Planning, Costs and Prices

At Xpress24 Ltd. we do not utilise a “standard” price. Instead we determine our freight prices based on your requirements, Such as vehicle category, ferry costs, toll costs, etc. Our team will design a solution that is individually tailored to meet your requirements and specific needs.


When you use Xpress24 Ltd. you are buying peace of mind. We will only contact you in the event of an unexpected issue that we can not resolve without direct input from you, We take care of everything else from pickup, transport and delivery.

our Portfolio

  • Europe-wide service, both with and without tail lifts.
  • We specialise in transport to and from The UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.
  • ADR Kl. 1-7 inkl. §20
  • We are qualified to handle ADR transport both safely and effectively.
  • Vehicle and trailer transfers.
  • Pre-carriage and post-carriage services.
  • Exhibition transport.
  • Pharmaceutical transport.
  • Transhipment services.
  • We handle customs clearance.


We understand that transport is key in the modern world. It connects people and ensures people get what they need. We provide the most efficient transport services possible, ensuring that freight arrives at the right place, At the right time. That’s what we do, and we have excelled in this regard for over 20 Years!

in time
Xpress24 Ltd. - One service, one source

We are here for you!

We are sure this scenario feels familiar, you have everything planned and ready to go, down to the smallest detail imaginable, and then one tiny issue gets in the way and puts the entire project into jeopardy. Suddenly, where once there was a perfect plan, you are now faced with what can only be described as a disaster. Listing all the things that could go wrong would be a waste of time because as strange as it may seem, the unprecedented happens all the time. Specialist advice to fix these problems is almost always expensive, but not with Xpress24 Ltd.. We specialise in transport contingency, offering an On-Call 24/7 transport service. Contact us and together we will work towards a solution that works for you. Solving problems is our expertise, and we believe that they exist only to be solved in the most efficient way possible. When you contact Xpress24 Ltd. you can rest assured, knowing that our services are backed by over 20 years of experience as transport specialists and that we will be able to find a solution for all your transport problems. Contact us at any time by calling 0800 3645263, free to call from Germany.


We aim to give you as much peace of mind as possible, As such we have taken out a carrier policy in accordance with §229 Para. 2, Item 1, HGB (Germany), for a total of 1.5 million euros, limited per damage to goods. However, you don’t need to rely on our extensive insurance policies for reassurance as we have been claim free since 2008, and can provide confirmation from our insurance company to prove this on request. 

We do not charge any additional costs, all of our quotes and prices are “All in”, plus the legal sales tax.


Our premium services are available to be booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our other services are available by phone during our standard legal opening times. Alternatively these can also be booked through Email. Upon request we can provide a free and non-binding offer.

We can accommodate any requests for tracking and tracing services. We can even track your package. For more details please contact us and we will be happy to explain in more detail on a personal basis as this question is heavily dependent on the services you have chosen.

We are happy to reward regular use of our business and are happy to offer discounts for repeated usage: If you pre-book 15 identical transport orders, you will only pay for 14 of the transport orders and we will provide the 15th free of charge. We can also arrange other discounts, Feel free to contact us and inquire further.


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Shipments per day





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Satisfied clients



Mit Xpress24 Ltd. brauchen wir uns keine Sorgen zu machen, dass Lieferungen nicht rechtzeitig zu Ihrem Empfänger gelangen. Wie gewohnt, immer ein perfekter Service.

Stefan John

Ein erstklassiger Service, von der Planung bis zur Ausführung. Xpress24 Ltd., immer wieder! 

Ein Dienstleister, der seinen Worten Taten folgen lässt.

Noah Padilla

Xpress24 Ltd.  ist schon lange unser Partner, wenn es darum geht Waren von A nach B zu bewegen. Auch die kompliziertesten Fälle wurden immer zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit abgewickelt. 

Markus Kind




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