"Be quick, baby"

Lots of space drives like a car: Our "small" versatile van is fast and offers enough space for bulky loaads nonetheless. Up to 1000 kgs, threee europallets.

» Space Power «

Our big van allows us to use the entire european motorway network at weekends including a trailer. up to 1450 kgs on Van + trailer total 2750 kgs.

» It´s cool, man «

In our refridgerated truck sensitive goods travel without interruption of the cooling chain and will reach their destination in pristine condition. Temperature controlled cargo hold. 0°C up to +20°C.

» Big Room with a view «

High load capacity, large tailboard: With a height of 2,40 metres throughout, this mega van will deliver where you normally need a truck. Up to 1.400 kgs.

» Toys for boys «

Not strictly necessary, but we couldn´t resist: Our mini van goes boldly into narrow alleys and fits into the smallest parking space.

» Ready, steady, go «

Zips through traffic: We ca only deliver small parcels with the fastest ride in our fleet, but they will get there with a hurry.

All our vehicles feature:

  • Navigation System

  • GPS tracking 

  •  Secure loading systems

  • Load protection blankets / material

  • Lashing straps

Extra services on request:

  • Additional staff

  • Lift

  • Pallet truck